NINJA A-5’s Commitment

“A5” of NINJA A-5 is A5 rank.

Shop owners themselves visited contract ranches and select A5 rank Japanese beef (including Kobe Beef) carefully which we have in stock.
Enjoy the finest japan brand goods.
One of the three big Japanese Wagyu brands in Japan, Kobe beef is designated registration system from production until sales and only those that have cleared the strict definition defined the highest grade beef “Kobe beef”& “Kobe meat” title by the Kobe Meat Distribution Promotion Council.
There is membership card and designation certificate as Kobe Meat Distribution Promotion Council designated shop as a proof in our shop.

Origin of brand cattle “Tajima beef”

Kobe beef / Matsusaka beef / Oumi beef
In Hyogo prefecture produced (Tajima beef) is Japanese black cow kind.
The qualities of Tajima cattle is very high and most famous brand cows such as Matsusaka beef and Omi beef are drawing blood of Tajima cattle. Actually Kobe beef is also Tajima cattle. However the brand of Tajima cattle itself is low-profile, rare, nationwide.vIn our shop Kobe beef is of course. Arrival is the finest Tajima beef as our compliment. Try it once and you will love it.

Kyushu cow’s brand

Kagoshima black cattle / Miyazaki bee / Saga beef / Bungo cattle / Nagasaki Wagyu / Itoshima cattle
Amongs of beef Companies which handling cows at a firm and solid building is Kyushu’s cow.
Even in the cow contest held several times it always keep going high and maintaining result.
We select carefully of all Kyushu’s Wagyu and put in our shop.